Yesterday we had the pleasure of sitting down with conversationalist extraordinaire Patrick Melroy and his right hand man "Raging" Ray Douglas to chat about coffee, barista competitions, and of course: Heather Perry. Take a listen if you dare to get to know us a little bit better, and you'll probably have the best time ever. Check the links below for more awesome episodes of Towned including two interviews with coffee sensationalist Julia Mayer!

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Note: In my excitement I definitely mixed my facts up about one of my favorite coffee farms ever: Elida Estate. It was actually Robert Lamastus (not Thatcher as I mistakenly stated) who moved from Kentucky to work on the Panama Canal and fell in love with Elida; Thatcher is actually Robert's son. Wilford  is Thatchers son, and Wilford Jr. is Wilfords son, making Elida a 4th generation family farm! The estate was established in 1918 meaning Elida Estate will be 100 years old in just a few years. There's a cool picture of Robert and Elida here: Elida Estate 1932. Thanks to Wilford Jr. for helping me get my facts dialed in. Keep making amazing coffees!



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Jan 22, 2017

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