Digging through all the blog and video archives we found the original One & One video and realized that we completely missed the birthday of one of our favorite beverages!

We uploaded this video and tacked it onto the blog on May 31, 2010. It was shot with and early GoPro camera and edited horribly in rough slow-motion - I couldn't get the frame rate to sync with my hacked version of Premiere, and the titles are awkward and large. But hey it was 2010 and we were doing our best!

We started serving up the One & One at a competition tasting event, which led to the video/blog, which ultimately led to a ton of interest in the cafe for people who wanted the best of both worlds (a milk drink and a straight espresso) in a quick, convenient little package.

Since 2010 we've seen the One & One pop up in all kinds of places and on all kinds of menus and it's always a bit of a trip when we see it out in the wild...it's like a little piece of home away form home.

As a bonus, and to poke a bit of fun at ourselves - below is the original text from the initial 2010 blog post, spelling errors and all. Yes we sound like elitist assholes but that's all the rage when you're young right? Here ya go:


"The One & One.  The official off menu offering of Trubaca.  A single macchiato and single espresso stacked together on a shared saucer.  Espresso in the front, macchiato in the back.  Slam the espresso first then go in hot for dessert in the form of the most jammin' coffee to milk ratio known to man.  The One & One can not be made with decaf nor can it exist with low fat milk, non fat milk, soy beverage, etc...  It is made with caffeinated coffee and whole milk .  It's everything your gibraltar wishes it could be, It suddenly makes your cortado feel much less hip.  It's what we drink in the morning.  It's delicious.  Holla."


As you can see we've possibly done a bit of growing up since then so if we ever have a retail store and you need a decaf low fat One & One, we can probably do that for you.

- Team Trubaca

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