When Jared and I started our blog in 2010 it had always been a dream of ours to do something more. Something that we could both proudly call our own, but also involved the entire coffee community at large. As with many dreams it’s easy for things to get in the way and steer you off course - other opportunities, money and lack thereof, and just the scary uncertainty of not knowing if something will pan out or not. Well we’ve decided it’s time to check our inhibitions at the door and wander out into the great unknown.

Welcome to the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast. We’re here to bring you a weekly dose of audible coffee magic featuring your two tightest bros, plus industry guests from all over the globe. We've started things off with a two-part episode from Ian Levine - Operations Project Manager for Equator Coffee & Teas, and the first of a three part series from current United States Barista Champion: Charles Babinski.

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Thank you. You’re the reason we love working in coffee.

-Team Trubaca



hi well i know i watched these eseopdis and one thing not mentioned is the unique and sad version of Sarah’s theme as its called LONDON bridge when Sarah is angry even though you don’t see her a very ANGRY version is played when she is happy they play a faster JOYFUL version but in these scenes when David has this feeling of impending doom f0r Burke a very sad version plays even Carolyn hears the music it upsets her..she seems to hear’ the message in it interesting i think..One other thing is the people who created the Face Book JONATHAN FRID FANS still miss him very sad..and it is very sad..he was ONE of a kind ..DS is one of a kind..I listened again to the FATE of the characters which starts with Jonathan Frid reading Shakespeare OUR REVELS now are ended a very fitting epitaph for DS its written by SAM HALL .which i think is interesting..its all days gone by..now most of the soaps on ABC are now GONE ..only one remains I saw DS from the start..and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from the start and I think saw MOST of AMC but they have all ended now other daytime stuff now..so its all kind of an end of a whole era now..but again not really an end for the actor who played Burke only even then he didn’t last long..ALL the actors on DS were awesome !! and there is a pic of Jonathan Frid < Kathryn Scott and Lara Parker meeting Johnny Depp that was not long before FRID died. sad posting here but memories..too..

Sep 15, 2015

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