Hello everyone! It's been an amazing second week for the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast and we can't thank you enough! We're up to 75 reviews/ratings and we're creeping up on the iTunes charts. This makes us so happy and it's all because of you (pat yourself on the back for us). We're still aiming even higher...if we make top 10 on the iTunes New and Noteworthy section we might have to throw a party. In the meantime we'll make you a deal: If we can grab 40 reviews, ratings, or subscriptions in the next 24hrs we'll release part three of our Podcast with Charles Babinksi early. We were planning to post it Monday, but if you crank us some numbers we'll jump the gun. So log into iTunes, subscribe, rate, and review us. See the above videos for details, shout-outs, and us generally being ridiculous.

Also as you can see: We've moved! Welcome to the new home of Trubaca. We've loaded and tagged all the former blog content for you so there's still all the same content to dig through with more on the way. Expect more guest posts, industry thoughts and philosophy, and of course tasty waves and cool buds. If you do happen to type in trubaca.com in your browser you will be redirected right to this blog! As always we value your feedback and we've left the comments enabled for the blog. If you have a question or topic you'd like for us to answer/address on the podcast just fill out the contact form here: contact.

Thanks again everyone. You inspire us.


Dr Tod Anderson:

All I can say is YES!

Jul 30, 2015

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