We've had the pleasure of knowing Scott Lucey for years on end now, so when we started looking for guest contributors for this blog, his name was one of the first to pop up. Scott blew our minds when he roasted coffee on stage during his USBC performance in Long Beach circa 2007 and hasn't stopped the hustle since. 

Scott wrote a raging article that will go live next week, but in the meantime we chatted with Scott so you all could learn a little about him and see what makes him tick. If you want to check out more of our guest posts and industry profiles click here: Meet more sweet people! Enjoy.

Name and Occupation:

Scott Lucey, Barista and co-owner of Kickapoo Cafe aka Kickapoo Coffee, Milwaukee WI

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Born in Madison, WI raised just 20 miles west in Black Earth, WI
What was your first coffee job?

FKA Alterra Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee WI.  Now, Colectivo Coffee Roasters.
What made you fall in love with coffee?

The mechanics.  When I first laid eyes on a small family of Probats I raised an eyebrow and starting realizing there were many interesting things I didn't know about coffee.  Following that, my first moments in front of a La Marzocco Linea were quite captivating and at that moment I knew I had something ahead of me that I wanted to master.
Tell us one thing about yourself that most people probably don't know.

I'm pretty open with everyone however those that don't know me THAT well are usually surprised to know that I have a weekly radio gig at a sweet independent radio station in Milwaukee.  WMSE.ORG, Wednesday mornings 6am - 9am.
What do you do when you're not making coffee?

Dad mode to the max.  I have a toddler who's almost 2 and anyone with a toddler knows how wonderfully time consuming they are.
Whats one piece of advice for someone new to coffee who has aspirations to turn coffee into a career?

Have patience.  I'm amazing with the insanely awesome things that younger passionate baristas get to be doing within their first 5 years of working in a cafe.  I worked full time for 3 years, working closing shifts and doing all the low tier things most cafe employees hate before I did anything 'new' and 'exciting.'

 Who was your first coffee hero?

I've been thinking about this for a while, there're a few for various reason and the title of 'hero' is a big one.  I'll sum it up to say 'I'm Schomer era.'  Katherine Nolte, aka Kat, aka Kitty who works for TWIN trading who's still doing amazing things was the lead barista at the time I started working in the cafe and she's most certainly the one responsible for pointing me in the right direction.  She was kind enough to put the La Marzocco machine manual and Schomer's books in my hands, encouraging me to read up and learn.

 What's in your hopper right now ?

I'm happily cycling through some wonderful centrals.  Los Pinos from Costa Rica, Rio Azul from Guatemala and La Roxanita from El Salvador.
Favorite movie?

There are so many!  Anything from Michel Gondry or Wes Anderson, Fear and Loathing or Belly are a couple notable flicks from my younger days.  Buffalo '66 is a good one too...
Favorite food item?


Favorite brew method?

Pour over
Favorite city to visit?

What are you worst at?



If you want to connect with Scott you can follow him on Twitter @scottlucey, and Instagram @scottlucey. Have a great weekend everyone!



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Yes, Hi. First time caller here….I would like to know if Scott believes in the tooth-fairy…?

Aug 11, 2015

Julia :

I want everyone to know that I’m the president of the Scott lucey fan club! Anyone interested in joining can send me a self addressed stamped envelope to radtricks and I’ll send you membership info. Mostly it will just be cheese and orchids but possibly a mix tape of Scott luceys favorite songs.

Aug 07, 2015

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