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This coming Monday marks the second day of our ongoing Monday pop-up at Companion Bakeshop in Westside Santa Cruz. Last week was a huge success and we are so thankful for everyone who came to visit! Santa Cruz definitely is starting to develop an engaged Specialty Coffee scene and it's rad to feel the good vibes.

We have to send a special shout out to the team at Companion - they're normally closed on Mondays and are going the extra mile to get us a limited pastry and bread lineup for the pop-up (and for employing me while we build out our store!). If you haven't been to Companion you should give them a look, they have the best pastry and bread options in Santa Cruz by a large margin. Catch them at their 2341 Mission St. location or at any of the farmers markets around town. 

We'll be crushing every Monday until we open our 3600 Portola location opens which includes this coming Monday - the 4th of July. So before you go grillin' and chillin', stop by for some smiles and tastes of our new flagship blend: The Answer - It's seriously crushing it hard. 

Sprinkled in with the pop-up fun has been a lot of local love including an cool little write in in The Good Times, Santa Cruz County's awesome weekly newspaper. Check it out here to see what we had to say: Cat & Cloud in The Good Times SC

Stay cool and we'll see you (every) Monday! 



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Mar 13, 2021

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