Last week brought us to the end of the Cat & Cloud Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to all of our amazing friends and supporters we were fully funded to the tune of $34,423 with 325 backers. We think this is amazing.

It's hard to express the feeling you get in your gut when so many people jump in the ring to help you out. As someone who personally has a tough time asking for help, the support hit me extra hard and really made me feel incredibly excited for where our project is going. 

If you haven't seen our campaign and all the video updates that go with it, you can check them all out here: Cat & Cloud Kickstarter. We had so much fun making the updates and sharing our journey and we hope you were stoked to come along for the ride. 

We're going to use the funds for a number of things including finishing paying for our roaster and doing several building improvements we hadn't planned on, due to our permitting comments from the county. We don't take the support we've received lightly, and we promise to make you proud!

This week has had me glued to my computer whipping up graphics for mugs, shirts, and the like - we're doing our best to get those gifts out to you asap. So one more time: thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't have done it without you. 



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