Ecuador Juan Peña
Ecuador Juan Peña Ecuador Juan Peña
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This coffee comes to us from the Saraguro hills of southern Ecuador in the region of Loja. This is a wonderful place to grow coffee – high altitudes (1,800-2,100 masl), fertile volcanic soil, and plenty of rainfall. The altitude, in particular, helps creates a dense coffee cherry that leads to dynamic flavors in the cup – cherries, stone fruits, and great sweetness. The complexity of flavor, together with a round, medium body leads to a cup that we look forward to again and again.

Last year, while tasting coffee with friends, we discovered a separated lot from a farm named Hacienda La Papaya. It was bright, fruity, and satisfying. Digging deeper, we unearthed what we believe to be one of the best Ecuadorian coffees we’ve ever tasted. Juan Peña is the man behind the magic (if hard work and years of dedication to excellence can be called magic). Perched at 2,100 masl, his roughly 15 acre farm, Hacienda La Papaya, grows mainly Typica, often across steep hillsides. This coffee, with its ripe-fruit sweetness, is new to Cat & Cloud this year and we are excited to feature it on our menu. We look forward to working with Juan Peña for years to come.

Origin // Ecuador

Region // Saraguro, Loja

Farmer// Juan Peña

Variety // Typica

Elevation // 2,100 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Cherry, Stone Fruit, Clean Finish


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