Ethiopia Worka
$ 15.25

Fruit and Florals. This lot from the Wuri washing station in Worka exemplifies what we look for in great Ethiopian Yirgs. The cup opens with subtle citrus notes, transitions into stone-fruit sweetness, and ends with a clean finish and the lingering scent of Jasmine florals. We are stoked to work this into our espresso flow as well as our By-the-Cup program. This lot was a shining star on our buying table this spring, and we are excited to bring this outstanding lot to our customers.

The coffee supply chain is built on relationships. Eight years ago, our Green Buyer, Charles, was working with coffee farmers in Ethiopia and met Chris Davidson, there buying coffee for Atlas Coffee Importers. This year Charles and Chris are again working together to bring this awesome Ethiopian coffee to our customers. 

Origin // Ethiopia                                     

Region // Yirgacheffe

Washing Station // Wuri                          

Variety // Heirloom

Elevation // 2,000-2,100 masl                    

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Peach, Meyer Lemon, Jasmine

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