Honduras Pedro Moreno
Honduras Pedro Moreno Honduras Pedro Moreno
$ 15.25

This lot represents the very last picking from Pedro Moreno's farm in the Santa Barbara Mountains of Honduras. We believe in selecting late-harvest pickings where possible, as the longer cherry development time can lead to more complex flavors and sweetness. This cup is dynamic, sweet, complex – everything we love about Honduran coffees.

This is the fourth year we’ve purchased Pedro’s coffee in partnership with Benjamin Paz, and we look forward to making this a relationship coffee we can showcase for many years to come. Benjamin Paz owns the mill where this coffee is processed, and he plays an instrumental role in improving farming practices and increasing quality at Santa Barbara-area farms. He worked hard to connect us with our Santa Barbara-area partnerships this year, and the work he does in continuing to support local farmers in the area is outstanding.

Origin // Honduras                                                    

Region // Santa Barbara

Farmer // Pedro Moreno                                          

Variety // Pacas, Bourbon

Elevation // 1,580-1,600 masl                                   

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Baked Peaches, Marshmallow, Cinnamon

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