Another way to leave people happier than we found them. 


What are Bubbles?

We think connecting over common interests is both balancing and inspiring and Bubbles are our effort to bring some of that your way. Each Bubble is a one-hour free virtual discussion group revolving around a particular theme. They cap at 12 attendees each so that we can have a legit conversation!

How it works!

  1. Scroll down and click Bubbles to learn about them.
  2. Select a date from the dropdown and click "Add to Cart."
  3. Be sure to Check Out (for free!) to reserve your spot.
  4. Email 1: Check for confirmation email & use the provided link to register!
  5. Email 2: Contains your Zoom meeting link. You'll use this link to join the meeting when it's time for your Bubble!


 *Extra Neat Disclaimer: Every conversation is organic and open-ended. If you for any reason make anyone in the group feel unsafewe'll Bubble-ban you. 🌈


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