Women in the Service Industry
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Leaving people more empowered than we found each other. 

What's the discussion about?

We'll explore challenges that disproportionately affect women in the service industry through open conversation. All gender identities and expressions are welcome and valued in the discussion! We believe there's so much more to explore within this topic, and it's through listening and sharing that we can both gain awareness and uncover new ideas.

So maybe you'll meet a friend, leave feeling seen, or maybe you’ll join just to listen! We think you have a place here. Who knows what will happen when we put our minds together, through shared interest & experience.  

Meet your Moderators: Kristen and Carol

Kristen has worked in the Service Industry for 7 years. She has been with Cat & Cloud since they opened in 2016. Now, as C&C’s Skill Developer, she has created curriculum for onboarding, coffee education, leadership development, training trainers & more!  Her other passions include storytelling artistry, social justice, and her dog Jayce.

Carol has worked at Cat & Cloud for 3 1/2 years. Her eight years in the Service Industry include restaurant and hotel roles, gym attendant, Certified Nurse Assistant and Barista. As Marketing Team Leader for Cat & Cloud, she co-hosts and edits the Cat & Cloud Podcast, oversees merchandise development, the online store and social media engagement. Her other passions include singing, crafts, and public & environmental health.

 **Disclaimer: We do not claim to be licensed experts in the topics listed above. Every conversation is organic and open-ended. If you for any reason make anyone in the group feel unsafewe will Bubble-ban you. 🌈