Best Friends Blend
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$ 15.00

Our company mission, inspiring connection through creating memorable experiences, is exemplified every day by our Honduran partner and friend Benjamin Paz. This past season, we doubled the amount of coffee we purchased from our Honduran partners so we could create a seasonal blend showcasing our relationship, and this blend of 75% Honduras/25% pulp-natural Brazil is the result!

If you like dark-roasted, full-bodied coffee, this coffee is your heaven. We’re getting straight s’mores vibes from this all day, with dark chocolate undertones, marshmallow sweetness, and some cinnamon sugar for good measure. Imagine dessert around the campfire—that comfortable, cozy feeling of enjoying something rich and sweet with your best friends, boiled down into a cup. Here’s to making more memories together.

Origins // Honduras, Brazil  

Regions // Various

Farmers // Various              

Variety // Various

Elevation // Various

Process // Washed, Pulp-Natural

Flavor Notes // Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham Cracker