Colombia Carmen Solarte
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$ 15.25

Carmen Rubiela Canchala Solarte, or Rubiela, has been growing her farm with her husband Oswaldo since 2012, and have worked hard to revitalize the crops here. Our partnership with Rubiela is courtesy of Azahar Coffee. Azahar is on a mission to decouple producers’ coffee price from the volatile commodity market, fighting for better pricing that reflects quality and sustainability for farmers. We are firm believers that empowering producers is a huge aspect of improving the livelihoods of coffee producers around the world, and we’re stoked to partner with others that share this belief.

This coffee is an excellent representation of how diverse Colombian coffee can be—with an upfront sweetness, nougat and black tea finish, the flavors are dynamic but nuanced at the same time. It’s perfect for someone graduating from the Answer to a slightly lighter roast.

Origin // Colombia

Region // Nariño

Producer // Carmen Rubiela Canchala Solarte  

Variety // Castillo

Elevation // 1,800 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Honey Crisp Apple, Nougat, Black Tea