Ethiopia Aricha
$ 15.75

Fruit and Florals. This lot from the Aricha washing station exemplifies what we look for in great Ethiopian Yirgs. The cup opens with subtle citrus notes, transitions into ripe orange sweetness, and ends with a clean finish and the lingering scent of honeysuckle florals.

While it’s been a couple years since our last trip to Ethiopia, the coffees we see coming out of regions like Jimma/Limu, Guji, and Yirgacheffe continue to get better and better. New incentives for quality and transparency in the supply chain have also bolstered smallholder farmers' desire to deliver better and better cherry to their washing stations. The future of Ethiopian coffees like this one is bright!

Origin // Ethiopia                                              

Region // Yirgacheffe

Washing Station // Aricha                               

Variety // Heirloom

Elevation // 1,800-2,000 masl                             

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Meyer Lemon, Orange, Honeysuckle

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