Ethiopia Nano Challa
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$ 16.00

Western Ethiopia will forever be special to us—our co-owner & green buyer Chuck first experienced specialty coffee while working with Technoserve’s project to improve the lives of coffee farmers in the region. The Nano Challa Cooperative and Washing Station is so well-respected and does such an amazing job of producing coffee, that producers also established a second sister washing station, Nano Genji, which you might remember we had on our menu last year!

This coffee is a great choice for someone already acquainted with specialty coffee and looking for those light and fruit/tea-like characteristics found in African coffees. Nano Challa comes in with Arnold Palmer-esque flavors up front, then rounding into a sweetness like blackberry jam.

Origin // Ethiopia

Region // Jimma

Producer // Nano Challa Cooperative

Variety //  Ethiopia Landraces

Elevation // 1900 – 2200 m.a.s.l.

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Arnold Palmer, Blackberry Jam, Refreshing