Guatemala Rosalìo Martinez
Guatemala Rosalìo Martinez Guatemala Rosalìo Martinez
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$ 18.75

Origin // Guatemala
Region // Antigua
Producer // Rosalío Martínez
Variety // Boubon, Caturra, Pache, Java
Elevation // 1,600 – 1,725 m.a.s.l.
Process // Washed


We are incredibly excited about this year's harvest, and our Partnership with Rosalío Martínez. Rosalío’s coffee has consistently brought complexity to the classic Antiguan profile of citrus and dark chocolate, and their year’s harvest does not disappoint. This newest coffee from Rosalío Martinez opens with a juicy explosion of vibrant clementine, then settles into the palate with rich dark chocolate. The perfect balance of creamy and crisp. This is an excellent option for anyone, regardless of your roast preference.

In 2020 Rosalío planted a plot of the Java varietal, and we had the opportunity to work with him on this from the early stages. Java, although not frequently propagated in Central America, has a unique and exotic profile that results from being grown in this part of the world. This year's harvest includes the initial cherries propagated on the Java plants and you can already taste the complexity it adds to the coffee. With each passing year of growth, coffee plants mature and produce more high quality cherry. As delicious as this season's harvest is, it also gives us an exciting glimpse into the future when these plants are fully mature, and producing at their peak!


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