Holiday Blend
$ 14.75

Celebrate the holidays and bring in the New Year with this seasonal offering! Our take on a Holiday Blend this year is super approachable and fun. Built on a foundation of developed chocolate undertones, we’ve added some jammy Ethiopian sweetness. As espresso, it’s sweet, clean, and silky smooth.

We’ve QC’d it as both espresso and drip, and it’s as delicious in a cappuccino (or Mocha Mint Latte) as it is black. Enjoy!

Origin // South America, Africa

Region // Minas Gerais, Yirgacheffe

Farm // Various Smallholder

Variety // Bourbon, Heirloom

Elevation // 1,200-1,900 masl

Process // Pulp Natural, Washed

Flavor Notes // Chocolate Truffle, Jammy, Cheer

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