El Salvador Clementino Rodriguez
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Sharing is caring, so let us share with you our love for Pacamara coffees. This coffee is a great example of how coffee varieties can really stand out on their own. It’s forward flavors of raspberry, crisp sparkling cider, are rounded out by a buttery smooth note similar to what you may find in chardonnay. This coffee comes to us from the Metapán region of El Salvador, which is one of the highest elevation growing regions in El Salvador, which results in some of the highest quality coffee produced in the country. This sweet, creamy flavor blend is a great example of all the things that we love in Pacamaras.


Origin // El Salvador

Region // Metapán

Producer // Clementino Rodriguez

Variety // Pacamara

Elevation // 1460 m.a.s.l.

Process // Red Honey

Flavor Notes // Raspberry, Cider, Buttery Smooth