Costa Rica Las Lajas Honey
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$ 15.50

A great choice for the light roast drinker who’s acquainted with specialty coffee and loves to explore the more interesting side of coffee! Think layers of an onion – relatable, but the more attuned your senses are, the more you get.


Red berries and citrus flavors combine with a honey-like sweetness to create an incredibly clean and complex cup. Each year we try to send two Cat & Cloud team members to visit the farms in and around the Las Lajas area, poised to select the next great coffee for our guests. This coffee was a delight on the cupping table, and we’re excited to feature it on our cafes’ Single Origin menu.


The Las Lajas Micromill is a Costa Rican coffee powerhouse. Started by Francisca and Oscar Chacon, the Mill is credited with being among the first places in Costa Rica to produce high-quality honeys and naturals in 2008. Quality improvements have continued over the past decade, with organic processes and day lot separation helping the Chacon’s coffee stand above the crowd. 


Las Lajas is a red honey Caturra / Catuai mix. Grown on steep hillsides around 1450 masl in the Central Valley, the coffee trees that produce this coffee are meticulously cared for using organic processes, and picked lots are separated daily, helping insure the highest quality coffees can be identified and isolated.


This coffee is honey processed, meaning the coffee fruit is only partially removed through a mechanical demucilager with very little water, and then laid to dry on raised beds with a percentage of fruit intact. A red honey leaves more cherry on the coffee bean than a yellow process (which we offered last season), so you'll get a little more heft in the flavor notes this year! 

Origin // Costa Rica                                                

Region // Central Valley

Farm // Las Lajas                                                    

Variety // Caturra, Catuai

Elevation // 1450 masl                                          

Process // Honey

Flavor Notes // Red Raspberry, Tangerine, Complex