We ❤️ Nicely
We ❤️ Nicely We ❤️ Nicely
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Nicely is an inspiration to the coffee community worldwide. His energy and passion are infectious—anyone who's had the pleasure of being in his company knows exactly what we mean.

Unfortunately, he's been having some ongoing health challenges lately. The bills and time away from work are stacking up, and this is our way of helping. 

Half of the profits from this coffee will go straight to Nicely to help him pay his medical bills. It won't fix everything, but we hope it will help. Follow Nicely's journey here: @nicely85

We love you Nicely! 

The Coffee: V.S.E.B. 

Menotti's flagship blend, featuring Ethiopia Shakiso (Guji) and Mexico Jaguar (Chiapas). Shakiso brings the juice while Jaguar backs it up with a caramelly sweetness.

Great for espresso or your daily brew, V.S.E.B truly is a Very Special Espresso Blend.

Origin // Ethiopia, Mexico

Region // Guji, Chiapas

Farm // Ethiopia: Various Smallholder, Mexico: Aida Batlle

Variety //  Heirloom, Bourbon, Catuai

Elevation // 1,300-2,100 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Citrus & Floral Juicyness meets Caramelly Sweet Finish