Ethiopia Kercha Natural
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$ 17.25

We love that naturals are so polarizing in the coffee community. If you are familiar with our brand at all, you know we value them as approachable and exciting for coffee drinkers across the experience spectrum. It’s for this reason that you’ll likely see a naturally processed coffee on our coffee menu year-round. 

That said, we taste tables and tables of naturally processed coffees before approving one for our menu. This lot, from the Guji region in southern Ethiopia, is lighter in body, particularly juicy, and rounds out with a clean finish. It shines in both espresso and pour-over form and is a delight in the cup! 

Origin // Ethiopia                                                      

Region // Guji

Farm // Various                                                         

Variety // Heirloom

Elevation // 1800-2200 masl                                     

Process // Natural

Flavor Notes // Blueberry, Chocolate Chips, Port Sweetness