Honduras Wilson Morales
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$ 16.00

Wilson spends most days as an arborist for the National Forest Service, and his passion is preservation of trees native to Honduras. He plants endangered trees alongside his coffee so they can grow and mutually benefit each other, creating a healthy ecosystem and leaving the world better than he found it. We’re stoked to offer Wilson’s coffee as a Cat & Cloud Farm Exclusive for the fourth straight year—we buy his entire farm production every year, and we’re so happy that he continues to choose to partner with us for it.

This year’s crop has a ton of fruity sweetness, reminiscent of nectarine, white grape, and a sparkling effervescent finish. The sweetness is very balanced, making this coffee super approachable to all. Unique enough to shine as a single origin, but also balanced and relatable, this coffee is great for people transitioning from blends like the Answer into the world of single origin coffee.

This coffee is part of our Best Friends Club initiative. Learn more here!

Origin // Honduras

Region // Santa Barbara

Farm // Wilson Morales

Variety // Pacas

Elevation // 1,580 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Nectarine Taffy, White Grape, Champagne