Kenya Karimikui
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Kenya, Karimikui – Watermelon Jolly Rancher, Jicama, Chamomile, Tropical

Retail 10oz Price - $17.25

Kirinyaga, Kenya


Watermelon Jolly Rancher and the quintessential tropical acidity are what make this coffee a shining example of what we love about Kenyan coffee. As big, bright, and dynamic as this coffee is, it also has a nuanced soft side that is reminiscent of delicate jicama and chamomile. The Karimikui is best suited for someone already familiar with the specialty coffee profile and a must for fans of Kenyan coffee. 


Karimikui is one of 3 factories that make up the Rungeto Farmer’s Cooperative Society. Rungeto is a great representation of best practices of a Kenyan farmer’s Co-op, from the care and cleanliness they operate their coffee processing facilities with, to the additional resources they offer their members. Not only does Rungeto process cherries with the highest degree of quality to ensure highest possible pay-outs for members, they also offer their own financing (keeping it in the community), as well as agronomical consulting to farmers to ensure they are using the best growing practices. 

Origin // Kenya 

Region // Kirinyaga

Producer // Karimikui Factory

Variety // SL-28, SL-34, Batian 

Elevation // 1,600 – 1,800 m.a.s.l.

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Watermelon Jolly Rancher, Jicama, Chamomile, Tropical

Deep Dive

Although the Kenyan Co-op system does offer its challenges in getting coffee directly from individual producers, there are benefits to the Co-op system that ensure the coffee quality is top-notch, including access to agronomists for growing information, and an incredibly dialed-in washing process that makes the coffee shine. It also offers producers the ability to sell coffee cherry, no matter the size of their farm and the amount of coffee grown. 

Region: Kirinyaga

The Kirinyaga region of Kenya is located directly south of Mount Kenya. Born out of the East Africa Rift Valley, this series of volcanos create soil with incredible minerality and fertility. This nutrient-rich soul is a huge factor in the dynamic flavors found in Kenyan coffees. The terroir here is responsible for some of the brightest, most tropical, and complex coffees in the world. 

Processing method: Washed

Washed Coffees in Kenya are first de-pulped to remove the fruit from the seed. Next, a fermentation process is used to remove any remaining mucilage. After the mucilage is removed, the coffee seeds are washed and then laid out to dry on raised beds for 10 – 14 days.