Companion Bakeshop has been baking up some of the sweetest (and savoriest) goods for the Santa Cruz community since 2006. They were our very first wholesale partnership, and they played a monumental role in the early days of Cat & Cloud by allowing us to hold coffee pop-ups in their bakeshop on Mondays during the buildout of our first brick and mortar location. We sell their delicious pastries in our cafes, and we also collaborated with them on our 2nd location in Abbott Square Market. Needless to say, we're pretty much bff's.

Companion makes for an awesome wholesale partner because of their dedication to providing the highest quality products to their community with a friendly-neighborhood-bakeshop style of customer service. Whether you experience the Companion magic at their bakeshop, the Santa Cruz Farmers Market, or at our cafes, you're sure to become addicted to not only the sweet baked goods, but also the sweet people.

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Partner Since: August, 2016

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