Hi-Top Coffee is a multi-roaster cafe in Fresno that primarily serves Cat & Cloud alongside a rotating roster of featured roasters. The 3 owners - Karsyn, Spencer, and Aaron - met at a local climbing gym and realized that they had a shared passion for coffee and community. They all wanted to bring a better coffee experience to Fresno, so they decided to start Hi-Top Coffee. After building-out almost all of the cafe themselves and getting their name out there by doing pop-up events with their espresso cart, Hi-Top opened its doors on a warm Fresno day in September of 2017.

We love partnering with Hi-Top because they're serious about their coffee, and they do rad things to take care of their employees. For example, they closed down their shop for the entire weekend of SCA 2018 so that they could bring their entire staff to Expo. We're so stoked to be able to partner with like-minded businesses like Hi-Top!

Location: Fresno, CA
Partner Since: September, 2017

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