Menotti's Coffee Stop first opened their doors in Venice way back in 2013, but they're one of the most recent additions to our wholesale partner program, joining in January of 2018. Although the relationship is still very new, we are stoked to be working with a company that is so dedicated to the quality of their craft and passionate about serving amazing coffee to the people of their neighborhood.

Menotti's makes for an amazing partner because they share in so many of our values. Their authenticity readings are off the charts - they do the things that they believe in, regardless of what's trending. Intentionality shines through in everything that they do, from pouring some of the sickest latte art you've ever seen to crafting a secret menu that's constantly changing and evolving. From the moment you walk into their cafe, you'll be part of the Menotti's show, and we know you're going to have the best time.

The community ties at Menotti's run deep - they are a neighborhood institution, but they also welcome first-timers that come from around the world to have the Menotti's experience. They know all their regulars, greet their customers by name, and ask them about their lives.

If you want to drink some great coffee made by wonderful people, you've gotta hit up Menotti's Coffee Stop, and don't forget to look for the secret menu.

Location: Venice, CA
Partner Since: January, 2018

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