Cat & Cloud has been slowly growing and blossoming in one way or another over the last decade.

Jared Truby and Chris Baca first met at the Western Regional Barista Competition in 2006. Although they lived hours apart, nothing could stop the magnetism that would eventually bring them to work together and collaborate on a variety of projects under the moniker "Trubaca" (Truby + Baca). Renegade camping, BBQ's, beers, and road trips became standard weekend fare. Life was good.

Time went by, seasons came and went, and everyone went their own separate ways. Each ended up living in a different city with different jobs. Things were great but both had the feeling that there was a journey yet to be had. Simultaneously each had that light bulb pop on in their head and realized that life is short, and the best way to live it was doing the things you're most passionate about, with the people who bring out the best version of you, and sharing that passion and positive energy with the communities around you...and the best time to start this journey was now.

Cat & Cloud was born. We work on projects we love, and hope you'll love them too. We share information freely and believe that this a key to moving our industry forward. We believe that the experience of great coffee paired with great people has the power to change lives for the better, and we're ready to prove it.

Welcome to Cat & Cloud.