Roastery Ambassador 

As a Roastery Ambassador you are the pipeline for bringing raw material in, transforming it into something truly special, and ensuring that our associates, guests, and partners have the information and resources they need to change the world. You have the opportunity to learn to roast some of the best coffee in the world and develop your palate for all those fun flavors coffee has to offer, however this is largely a production focused job, filled with small details, repetition, and flexibility. 

  • Enjoy working as part of a team, where speed, efficiency and attention to detail are the expectation. 
  • A competitive personality. This is manifested in a desire to always improve performance and processes.
  • Desire to learn, grow, and develop a career path within this branch of Cat & Cloud’s business.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to utilize time efficiently.
  • Able to lift 25 lbs overhead unassisted.
  • Able to lift, with another employee, 155lb bags of coffee.
  • Flexible availability- we operate 7 days a week 


  • Prep, package, label, and ship coffee, quickly and with an eye to detail.
  • Maintaining a show-ready environment in the roastery at all times.
  • Clear and open communication to your team.
  • Keeping all roastery equipment clean and maintained.
  • Roasting coffee.
  • Cupping coffee regularly as part of quality control and palate development.
  • Sharing information with partners, guests, and associates. 

Reports to: 

  • Roastery Team Leader 
  • Roastery Coordinator 

Total Compensation: $16.50/hr
($13.50 base + $3.00 tip replacement)

To Apply: Send your resume to!