Pullman Big Step Tamper
Pullman Big Step Tamper Pullman Big Step Tamper Pullman Big Step Tamper Pullman Big Step Tamper
$ 165.00
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This is by leaps and bounds, the best tamper we've ever used. Developed in a collaboration between Queensland Barista Champion Adam Metelmann and the folks over at Pullman, the Big Step takes big bases to the next level. 

This tamper features a huge stepped 58.6mm flat base made from 630 Grade Stainless steel. The big base ensures full coverage of the coffees surface area in the basket, and the stepped design means no vacuum (having the base suck the puck back out after tamping, a common problem with traditional oversized tampers. We even had Mark at Pullman lathe the edges of the piston extra sharp (something Adam does on his personal tampers). 

The handles on these are either powder coated aluminum (Tiffany) or various timbers. The handle is height adjustable via insert rings (included), and features the Cat & Cloud logo on one side with the Pullman logo on the other. 

This tamper is a serious tool and should be cared for as such. You'll want to keep it only on cloth or rubber when not in use to maintain its edge and finish. This tamper should also only be used with VST/Strada precision portafilter baskets. 

To read a full review on the Big Step tamper on our blog, click here: Big Step Review.

We are super amped to be offering these here in the United States! These are in stock and we have a limited number available, so if you've been waiting to get your hands on one of these but international shipping prices were stopping you - we've got your back.

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