Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira, Lot #2
$ 14.50
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Straight peanut butter and jelly. Cupping this coffee the other day, this description came up over and over again from our employees, and we love it. This coffee is an ideal representation of what we enjoy about clean, chocolatey, natural Brazils. This is a sister lot from Fazenda Cachoeira to one we had on our menu last year, and we're stoked to bring it on the menu. We appreciate and respect the work that the Carvalho Dias family has put into their land and crops over the past 100 years, and their location in the mountainous Mogiana region of Brazil provides an excellent setting to grow this stellar coffee.

Origin // Brazil

Region // Mogiana

Farm // Fazenda Cachoeira

Variety //  Bourbon

Elevation // 1150 - 1350 masl

Process // Full Natural

Flavor Notes // Straight Peanut Butter & Jelly