Brazil Felipe Lopez Natural
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We love finding surprising coffees – just try our Indonesia Kerinci Honey for a wonderful surprise from Indonesia! But this Brazilian coffee surprised us just as much on the cupping table at the Carmo Best Cup competition in Minas Gerais. We bid on the coffee and won this lot, and it’s a great feeling if you’ve ever been to a coffee auction with eyes on a specific coffee. In stark contrast to another flavor profile we love out of Brazil - that straight peanut butter and jelly! – this profile offers a different portrait of what a Brazilian natural coffee can be – tropical fruit acidity, incredible sweetness and a smooth, clean finish.

This coffee comes from Sitio Alto de Serra, the farm of Felipe Lopez Gonsalves. Felipe used to work on the farm with his grandfather, and after his grandfather passed on, he has taken over full control of the farm. Located in the hills of Natercia, this separated lot of red and yellow catuai was picked, dried and processed with amazing care that has resulted in a clean, sweet, and fruity cup.

Origin // Brazil                                                         

Region // Minas Gerais

Farmer // Felipe Lopez Gonsalves                     

Variety // Red & Yellow Catuai 

Elevation // 1,100-1,200 masl                             

Process // Natural

Flavor Notes // Tropical, Mixed Fruit, Smooth