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Straight peanut butter and jelly…continued. The specific lots of coffee and farms that we bring in for this menu slot may change throughout the year as the seasons change, but we love offering (and drinking!) a coffee with this flavor profile, so you can expect to see something fresh and delicious from this region of Brazil on our menu for most of the year.

Jose Dias traces his passion for coffee back to his great grandparents, who were pioneers in the cultivation of high-quality coffee in this region of Brazil. Much of the coffee is shade grown underneath the canopy of huge, protected old growth forest, and his attention to detail in both developing healthy, vibrant trees, and in being meticulous in the coffee’s processing, delivers delicious tasting coffee that is second to none. 

Origin // Brazil

Region // Minas Gerais

Farm // Jose Dias

Variety //  Yellow Bourbon

Elevation // 1150 - 1350 masl

Process // Pulped Natural

Flavor Notes // Straight Peanut Butter & Jelly