Holiday Blend
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$ 15.25

There is an undeniable comfort in the seasonal flavors that come with the holidays. Toffee, mulling spices, chocolate truffle and a sparkle of citrus come together in a harmonious blend that inspires nostalgia in all of us. Our holiday blend has a classic coffee profile everyone can appreciate, but with enough complexity to keep it interesting. 

Whatever this time of year brings celebration wise, we want to make sure there’s a coffee that can carry you through the season. This is a coffee you can use to brew a meticulous pour over, us as espresso in a cafe, or bring to your grandparent’s house to brew on their Mr. Coffee. Doing double duty as espresso and brewed coffee, this blend of a more developed Brazilian profile and a lighter Ethiopian roast brings a balance of classic and modern flavors. The Holiday Blend is, and should be, for everyone.

Origin // Brazil & Ethiopia

Region // Various

Producer // Various

Variety // Various

Elevation // Various

Process // Pulp Natural & Washed

Flavor Notes // Chocolate Truffle, Mulling Spices, Toffee, Citrus