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Colombia Area 51 Colombia Area 51
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$ 17.00

This coffee’s intrigue is largely thanks to Jairo Ruiz, the owner of Colombian exporter Banexport. He and his team led a new experimental processing technique here: starting with Pink Bourbon cherries from smallholder farms in the Andes Mountains, they ran an anaerobic in-cherry fermentation inside large barrels for 72 hours. From there, they slow-dried the cherries in a temperature-controlled parabolic dryer until they reached their perfect moisture percentage. It’s a lot to take in…but the result is pure magic!

This is a great coffee for people first starting to dive deeper into the world of specialty coffee. Its vibrant fruit juice notes and sweet chocolate in the finish are unique and up-front, with flavors easily picked out by newer coffee drinkers and specialty coffee veterans alike. Cheers, everyone!

Origin // Colombia

Region // Cauca

Farm // Banexport Experimental Farm

Variety // Pink Bourbon

Elevation // 1,200-2,300 masl

Process // Natural

Flavor Notes // Grape Juice, Raspberry, Vibrant