Colombia Carmen Solarte
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$ 16.00

We are incredibly excited to share this coffee for the second year in a row from producer Carmen Solarte via innovative Colombian exporter Azahar Coffee. Azahar’s vision is to de-couple producers’ coffee price from the volatile commodity market, and to instead tie it to the quality and sustainability of their producers’ farms. This approach directly aligns with our vision of working towards a world in which businesses leave every person they touch in a better place than they found them. The work Azahar is doing in Colombia gives producers the tools to price their coffee based on quality, and what they need to operate a sustainable farm. Getting connected with producers of Carmen’s caliber, and through a company with aligned values like Azahar gets us juiced!

This year’s harvest from Carmen Solarte is sweet and decadent, bringing in bright nectarine up front, and rolling into warm apple crisp. It finishes with creamy caramel and leaves you wanting to dive back in for another sip. This is a great option for someone looking for something a bit more adventurous than The Answer.


Origin //Colombia  

Region // Nariño

Producer // Carmen Solarte

Variety // Castillo   

Elevation // 1,800 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Nectarine, Apple Crisp, Caramel