Colombia Oscar Vargas
Colombia Oscar Vargas Colombia Oscar Vargas
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$ 20.75

Origin // Colombia
Region // Huila
Producer // Oscar Vargas
Variety // Castillo, Colombia
Elevation // 1,900 m.a.s.l.
Process // Washed

This coffee comes to us from Oscar Vargas and his farm Filadelfia in the Huila region of Colombia. Oscar has owned his farm for 15 years, and over the past couple of years has shifted his focus to producing specialty coffee. Located in the mountainous southwest of Colombia, the high elevation and microclimates make the region ideal for growing amazing coffee. The Huila region's proximity to the equator allows that quality to be produced year-round, leading to a high quantity of Cup of Excellence coffees that come out of the region each year. 

Oscar also works with the Cadefihuila Association, a group that represents the interests of over 4,000 coffee producers, offering them agricultural business support, training, healthcare, education funds, life insurance, and a host of other services. We are all about this avenue of collaboration that ultimately encourages the production of more specialty coffee, and we are excited to share the results! 

With the vibrancy of fresh raspberries and the bright complexity of a pink lady apple. This refreshing profile evolves into a complex finish of high percentage dark chocolate, wrapped up in a heavy body. This is an excellent coffee for someone looking to explore something a bit more adventurous than the Answer.


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