Colombia Pedro Lodoño
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Colombia, Pedro Lodoño – White Grape, Fig, Milk Chocolate 

Huila, Colombia


Pedro Lodoño's coffee comes to us from his farm Río Chiquito in southern Huila via our partnership with Azahar Coffee Exporters. Azahar's vision is to de-couple producers’ coffee prices from the volatile commodity market, and instead tie it to the quality and sustainability of their producers’ farms. This approach directly aligns with our vision of working towards a world in which businesses leave every person they touch in a better place than they found them. 

Azahar's work in Colombia gives producers the tools to price their coffee based on quality, and what they need to operate a sustainable farm. Over the past year, given the high prices of the C Market, this has resulted in the producer's Azahar partners with getting paid the highest premiums to date. Getting connected with producers of Pedro’s caliber, through a company with aligned values like Azahar gets us juiced, and we look forward to visiting Colombia in 2022 to continue building these direct relationships. 



With a sparkling a depth of flavor, Pedro Lodoño’s coffee brings the heat. Presenting punchy white grape upfront, as it sits on your palate, the brightness mellows into ripe fig, ultimately evolving into creamy milk chocolate. This coffee will have you wanting to go right back for another sip. The layered flavors and lasting finish are exactly what we look for in the coffees we offer, and we can’t wait to share this one. This coffee is an excellent, approachable option for anyone whether you love The Answer or our lighter single origins. 


Origin // Colombia 

Region // Huila

Producer // Pedro Lodoño

Variety // Caturra

Elevation // 1,750 m.a.s.l.

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // White Grape, Fig, Milk Chocolate


Region: Huila

Located in the mountainous southwest of Colombia, the Huila Department is known for the quantity and quality of coffee it produces annually. Its high elevation and microclimates make it the ideal place for growing amazing coffee, and its proximity to the equator allows that quality to be produced year-round, leading to a high quantity of Cup of Excellence winning coffees each year. Coffee from Huila typically presents a complex acidity, heightened florality, and an underlying caramel sweetness. 


Processing MethodWashed

Washed Coffees in Colombia are first de-pulped to remove the fruit from the seed, next a fermentation process is used to remove the remaining coffee fruit. This coffee was fermented for an extended period of 38 hours. After the mucilage is removed, the coffee seeds are washed and then laid out to dry on raised beds, in this case for a slower drying time of 17 days.