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Colombia Rodriguez & Barreto Lactic

Colombia Rodriguez & Barreto Lactic

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Origin // Colombia
Region // Cundinamarca
Producer // Leonor Rodriguez & Gerrardo Barreto 
Variety // Castillo
Elevation // 1,500 – 1,610 m.a.s.l.
Process // Lactic 



This Lactic processed Castillo coffee from Cundinamarca, Colombia is the result of 2 producers’ lifelong journey of growing coffee, coupled with La Palma Y El Tucán’s (LP & ET) phenomenal processing technique at their state of the art mill. Leonor Rodriguez and her farm El Retiro, along with Gerrardo Barreto and his farm El Vergel have both been working in coffee for most of their lives, and their experience is reflected in the quality of coffee they produce. The Castillo variety grown at El Retiro and El Vergel is a beautiful representation of the round red fruit sweetness, medium body, and balanced acidity coffees produced in central Colombia can present. 

When LP & ET started their Neighbors & Crops program in Cundinamarca, both Rodriguez and Barreto saw the benefits they offer. With this program, producers within a 10 km radius of LP & ET’s farm can sell their cherries directly to the mill, getting higher prices based on the quality of the cherry. In addition to purchasing and processing cherries, LP & ET also offers producers resources for picking and transporting the cherries from where they were grown to the mill. Removing these additional costs, which typically fall on the producer, has allowed both Rodriguez and Barreto to see increases in cash flow since they joined the program. In a time when many young Colombian’s don’t see coffee producing as a viable livelihood, LP y ET’s work has proven that there is a future in coffee farming when quality is the focus, and you work together with your community. 


This coffee is a mix of 2 smaller single origin lots that we have roasted individually and blended to highlight the best qualities of both, showing off how the lactic process can elevate the inherent qualities of Colombian grown Castillo. It’s serving up some big flavors, bringing concord grape, tropical skittles, and dried fig in a harmonious mix that highlights both the inherent qualities of the coffee, and the unique processing method applied. This coffee is on the wild side and aligns with the lighter fruitier specialty coffee profile. We only have a small amount of this dynamic coffee, so don’t sleep on it!


Region: Cundinamarca

Cundinamarca is one of the central coffee growing regions in Colombia. This central coffee belt is responsible for a majority of the county’s coffee production, and is known for producing coffee that is has high sweetness, has a medium to strong body, and a mild acidity.  

Processing method: Lactic

Coffees are processed in an anaerobic (cut off from additional oxygen) environment that is optimized to generate lactic acid. The reaction that produces lactic acid consumes sugar from the mucilage of the coffee, and requires constant monitoring of pH and o2 levels in the closed environment. Once the pH reaches an optimum level, the coffee is removed and rinsed to stop the reaction. This preserves a balance between the lactic acid and the remaining sugars in the coffee.


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