Costa Rica Daniela Gutierrez
Costa Rica Daniela Gutierrez Costa Rica Daniela Gutierrez
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Daniela Gutierrez is a washed Caturra coffee, grown on the misty hillsides around the tall peak of Cerro Calera, at 1600-1800 masl. The high altitude and volcanic soil produce a cup full of red grape fruit, a toffee-like body and a honey sweetness in the finish. Sweet and clean is the hallmark of washed Costas from this area.

This is our second year working with sisters, Daniela and Tatiana Gutierrez, and it’s been interesting to see how our head roasters, Grace Lee and Jennifer Swenson, approach the roasting of this coffee this year versus last. We’ve gone with a little hotter and shorter roast this year, and it’s brought out an almost effervescence in the coffee, turning what were red grape notes last year, into more of a grape soda this year. It’s a dynamic process, and one we’re constantly working on. We hope you enjoy the coffee!

Origin // Costa Rica                                             

Region // Tarrazu

Farm // La Montaña                                            

Variety // Caturra

Elevation // 1600-1800 masl                           

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Grape Soda, Toffee, Honey