Costa Rica Finca Edgar Honey
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When Edgar Aguilera originally planted coffee in his hometown of Los Robles de Naranjo in the West Valley of Costa Rica, all his neighbors told him he was crazy and that the coffee wouldn’t grow. More than 70 years later, the community has many coffee producers, and the 12 Aguilera siblings and children operate multiple coffee farms in addition to co-managing a micro-mill for processing the fresh harvest cherries in the area. Although Edgar has passed on, his legacy lives on in his community, though his family, and at Finca Edgar.

Tropical, but approachable - this coffee from Finca Edgar is exactly what we are looking for from a honey processed coffee. It hits you with sweet juicy papaya and pluot up front before rounding out into a syrupy finish that has a caramel creaminess. The juicy component of this coffee reminds us more of a fruit nectar rather than a juice, bringing concentrated sweetness and a balanced acidity. This coffee is a tropical adventure but would still be an excellent option for someone beginning to explore lighter and brighter coffees! 

Origin // Costa Rica

Region // West Valley

Producer // Aguilera Family

Variety // Villa Sarchi

Elevation // 1450-1500 masl

Process // Honey

Flavor Notes // Papaya, Pluot, Syrupy