Costa Rica Finca Tono
$ 15.50
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The Aguilera family will always hold a special place in the Cat & Cloud family. Our co-owner Jared Truby took his first trip to a coffee farm in 2012, following his Barista Competition Regional West victory. The farm was an Aguilera Brothers farm, and the experience and relationships that developed out of that visit continue to stay with him as a coffee professional, and with us as a company. Continuing the tradition, we’ve sent staff to visit the Aguilera Brothers farms in 2017 and 2018.

Due to our strong relationship, we have featured a coffee from Finca Tono on our menu in each of the last 3 years. (It was one of the first coffees we featured when we only had an online business, a podcast, and a retail dream.) This Finca Tono honey-processed coffee is caramel sweet upon first taste, has a bit of a berry/raspberry pop in the middle, and closes with a juicy finish. It is a Villa Sarchi variety, a variety we love, and is grown around 1,450 masl in the West Valley of Costa Rica.

Origin // Costa Rica

Region // West Valley

Farm // Finca Tono 

Variety // Villa Sarchi

Elevation // 1,450 masl

Process // Honey

Flavor Notes // Caramelized Apple, Raspberry, Juicy