Costa Rica Finca Tono Natural
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$ 16.00

This coffee is as rich with history and connection as it is with indulgently sweet flavors. The Aguilera brothers of Finca Toño have held a special place in our hearts since 2012 when Jared Truby visited them on his very first coffee origin trip. This trip not only helped inform his understanding of the coffee production process but also helped to shape Cat & Cloud’s core mission. The Aguilera Brothers farm is located in the remote West Valley hillsides of Costa Rica where it’s unique soil, geography and weather patters have resulted in a cup of coffee as sweet and complex as a mixed berry jam.

Origin // Costa Rica

Region // West Valley

Producer // The Aguilera Brothers

Variety // Villa Sarchi

Elevation // 1450 masl

Process // Natural

Flavor Notes // Berry Jam, Jolly Rancher, Agave Syrup