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Costa Rica Ricardo Hernandez Honey

Costa Rica Ricardo Hernandez Honey

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Origin // Costa Rica

Region // Tarrazú

Producer // Ricardo Hernandez

Variety // Typica

Elevation // 1,400 – 1,900 ma.s.l. 

Process // Yellow Honey

Flavor Notes // Crystalized Pineapple, Raspberry Sorbet, Buttery



Since 2000 the La Candelilla micromill has been recognized for producing phenomenal coffee in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. Formed by Don Ricardo Hernandez and 7 other small holding producers in Tarrazú, La Candelilla was born out of the notion that by working together, they could improve the coffee quality for all in their area. With 32 years of coffee growing experience, Ricardo is passionate about sharing his experience as a producer and processor or specialty coffee. In addition to sharing his experience with the members of La Candelilla, Ricardo has also travelled to mills in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Tanzania to share his expertise. We resonate heavily with this intentional pursuit of better across the board and are excited to share Ricardo’s coffee with you!


Serving up the major sweetness, and a complex acidity, this honey processed coffee is a beautiful representation of Ricardo Hernandez’s expertise as a coffee producer. Up front it presents the sugary sweetness of crystalized pineapple and raspberry sorbet. It then rolls into an acidity that is reminiscent of the crispness of a buttery chardonnay, serving up an added layer of complexity you don’t always see in honey processed coffee. This is a complex coffee that is still super approachable due to its heightened sweetness, and smooth mouthfeel. 


Region: Tarrazú

Compared to other coffee producing countries, Costa Rica has a relatively small geographical footprint. Despite this the different coffee growing regions produce a variety of flavor profiles due to dramatic terrain, from mist filled valleys to steep high altitude mountains. Located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica, Tarrazú has some of the tallest peaks in the country. This high elevation results in coffee with a complex flavor profile, sparkling acidity, and a heavy body. 

Processing Method: Yellow Honey

This coffee is yellow honey processed, meaning the coffee fruit (mucilage) and skin is only partially removed from the seed using a mechanical demucilager, using very little water. The partially depulped seeds are then laid out to dry on raised beds with a percentage of mucilage intact. The amount of coffee fruit remaining on the seed indicates the grade of honey process, broken down into 3 classifications of yellow, red, and black. Yellow honeys have the smallest amount of fruit

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