Dog Park
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Our Dog Park doesn't have a ton of rules. We welcome bunnies, hairless cats who think they're dogs, and lonely human wanderers alike! So whether you have a dog or not, we're here to share our animal friends with you. 

This Bubble is capped at 10 humans so that we can connect and discuss!

What's the discussion about?

We'll start the way all dog park talk begins: "Who's this?"

Discussion questions will keep the party rolling and the hour will be gone faster than your pup hears the mail truck.

Group Moderator: Carol

Carol is the Marketing Team Leader at Cat & Cloud, where she co-hosts and edits the Cat & Cloud Podcast, oversees merchandise development, the online store and social media engagement. Her other passions include singing, crafts, and public & environmental health. And yes, her sweet fur-sister, Mila the pug.

 *Disclaimer: Every conversation is organic and open-ended. If you for any reason make anyone in the group feel unsafewe'll Bubble-ban you. 🌈