Ecuador Gilda Carrascal
Ecuador Gilda Carrascal Ecuador Gilda Carrascal
$ 15.50

The coffee region of Pichincha in northern Ecuador is a wonderful place to grow coffee – high altitudes (1,800-2,100 masl), fertile volcanic soil, and plenty of rainfall. The altitude, in particular, helps creates a dense coffee cherry that leads to dynamic flavors in the cup – stone fruits, melons, and great sweetness. The complexity of flavor, together with a round, medium body leads to a cup that we look forward to all year.

Our coffee VIP with this lot is Gilda Carrascal. Perched at 1,700 masl, her roughly 15 acre farm grows Bourbon and Pacamara, often across steep hillsides. This lot is from the separated Pacamara, and provides the intriguing flavor profile that only a quality grown and processed Pacamara can. This lot, with its ripe-fruit sweetness, is a Cat & Cloud favorite during this time of year. 

Origin // Ecuador

Region // Pichincha

Farmer // Gilda Carrascal                              

Variety // Pacamara

Elevation // 1700 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Cherry Jolly Rancher, Fresh Peach, Clean Finish

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