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This coffee comes to us from Juan Peña, founder of Hacienda La Papaya. Peña’s farm is located in the Andean-coastal region of Ecuador. This area is well known for it’s dry tropical climate, and coupling that with the numerous natural water sources nearby makes Hacienda La Papaya the perfect environment for growing specialty coffee. 

Juan Peña uses this ideal environment to his advantage. Peña approaches his production like a research center; studying coffee cultivation to improve irrigation systems, develop fertilization practices, and other quality-based projects. All this research is not just held for his benefit however, everything he learns through his research is then shared with his community and neighboring farms. 

The coffee we’ve added to our menu is a true demonstration of his hard work. Opening with the rich berry sweetness of blue gummy sharks, brightened by the gentle sparkle of Welches white grapes, you’ll be transported to your favorite childhood afternoon. This coffee continues to intrigue the senses as it settles into the rich syrupy finish of a fresh blackberry pie. This coffee is perfect for anyone familiar with lighter coffees, and looking for a little adventure.


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Origin Info

Origin // Ecuador

Region // Saraguro/Loja

Producer // Juan Peña, Hacienda La Papaya 

Variety // Typica  

Elevation // 1,900 - 2,100 m.a.s.l.

Process // Anaerobic Natural

Brew Recipe

To get the best out of this coffee we always recommend this recipe as a stating point

  • Brew with a 1:16 ratio (one gram of coffee to every 16 grams of water).
  • Get your Water as HOT as you can.
  • Adjust your grind for a 3-4 minute brew time. (The finer the grind, the longer it will take to brew)


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