El Salvador San Nicholas Honey
$ 15.25

We love buying coffee at auctions – they’re fun, the producers get a great price, and we bring home delicious coffee for our customers. For example, we bought this coffee for about 500% over FairTrade prices, and for us it’s worth it (don’t worry, we won’t mark it up that high for you).

This coffee was purchased from the El Salvador Chalate Best Cup Auction. Scoring in the Top 10, this coffee is a honey-processed Pacamara from Finca San Nicholas that is citrus-y, sweet, and all around delicious. It has a little bit of complexity while being a coffee that we’d love to drink every morning. Enjoy!

Origin // El Salvador                               

Region // Chalatenango

Farm // San Nicholas                              

Variety // Pacamara

Elevation // 1,550 masl                             

Process // Honey

Flavor Notes // Orange Juice, Pineapple, Almond Biscotti

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