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The valley of Las Tolas in northern Ecuador is a wonderful place to grow coffee – high altitudes (1,800-2,100 masl), fertile volcanic soil, and plenty of rainfall. The altitude, in particular, helps creates a dense coffee cherry that leads to dynamic flavors in the cup – stone fruits, melons, and great sweetness. The complexity of flavor, together with a round, medium body leads to a cup that we look forward to all year.

Our coffee VIP with this lot is Hernan Zuniga. Perched at 1,800-1,900 masl, his farm grows mainly Caturra. Interestingly, his coffee is from seedstock that was originally brought to Ecuador from El Salvador a decade ago by Arnaud Causse. He takes great care in separating lots, using a manual depulper to process his coffee and raised beds to dry it.

Origin // Ecuador

Region // Pichincha

Farmer // Hernan Zuniga 

Variety // Caturra

Elevation // 1,800-1,900 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Apricot, Green Melon, Dynamic

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