Ethiopia Konga
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$ 15.50

A great choice for someone who’s acquainted with specialty coffee and favors the brighter, fruitier characteristics of African coffees. It’s like biting into a fresh peach with the sweetness of white grapes and a hint of jasmine floral. Dive in, be adventurous, and enjoy some of the best coffee Ethiopia has to offer!

We’ve been lucky enough to visit the Konga Cooperative and its surrounding farms twice in our career. Our first visit was in 2011, and it was so instructional in the way beautiful washed coffees should be processed. The organization of activities was militaristic – each process happening exactly when and how it should. And to see purely the number of hands going over each coffee cherry – sorting, sizing, discarding the unripe, while moving the perfectly dark red cherries onward in the process. It was magic. Enjoy this coffee and know that, half-way around the world, perfection was happening when it was grown and processed.

Origin // Ethiopia                                                   

Region // Yirgacheffe

Co-op // Konga                                                         

Variety // Heirloom

Elevation // 1,900-2,300 masl                             

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Peaches, White Grape, Jasmine